If you're a war veteran on disability and are looking for a supplementary source of income via some part-time jobs, there's good news for you. You'll be glad to know that actually there are multiple work from home jobs available for disabled veterans and their spouses. All these virtual job options can provide you with a side income that you might be looking for. Here's a list of top 10 online jobs for disabled veterans that'll be most suited for your requirements, along with the skill sets required for each one of them to be a success.

Top 10 Work from Home Jobs for Military Spouses & Veterans with Disability

  1. Virtual Assistant

    Many professionals spread across different industries require help to manage their daily activities. Virtual assistants are the digital era secretaries. While quite a few still work inside offices, this job is perfectly doable from home. The skills needed to do this job are attention to detail and expertise in time management. The average salary for this job is $34,660.

  2. Translator

    While most of the translators work in-person for the facilitation of everything, like corporate meetings to personal exchanges, a few can manage online translator job. This may involve translation of audio or text, but the work, by and large, remains the same. You need to be fluent in another language, an essential pre-requisite, as well as have a lot of patience and excellent communication skills. The average salary for this job is $ 43,300.

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  3. Designer/Web Developer

    Considering that the maintenance of a website is entirely a feat, web designers and developers are highly sought-after. And, many of them are working these days remotely. Small projects, in most cases, can be tackled single-handedly but even those projects that require team collaboration can be done remotely, thanks to the many advanced methods of communication available through the World Wide Web. The average salary for this job is $ 75,660.

  4. Travel Agent

    If you have been a globetrotter, or you feel comfortable with finding this kind of information quite easily, then this might be just the right job for you. The work of a travel agent involves vacation planning, getaways and business trips of any person who approaches them. You should have the ability to connect and build business relationships that are long-lasting. Working online has given travel agents the ability to reach a wider customer base than ever before. The average salary of a travel agent is $ 31,870.

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  5. Call Center Agent

    When it comes to services and products, call centers are the locus of support. Operators manning them are usually the first and the last line of assistance that a majority of the customers will interact with. Since such positions only require a phone line or an internet connection, a lot of them are home-based. A call center agent earns an average salary of $ 30,460.

  6. Technical Support Associates

    Tech support associates play a vital role in keeping the world of modern business and consumer electronics running. The use of advanced technology would become insurmountable without having specialists who are trained in the troubleshooting of the technical problems. You need to be a bit tech-savvy and have skills in customer services to do this job. The average salary of a TSA is $46,260.

  7. Online Tutors

    Online tutors, around the world, are responsible for educating the youth, and even adults. Online tutoring is now more popular than it used to be until a few years ago. It is becoming a more acceptable and viable way of learning. If you want to tutor students on the side, or if you aren't able to find a classroom job, online tutoring could be the best option for you. The average salary is $51,380.

  8. Graphic Designers

    This work involves a creative bend of mind as you need to produce designs and art that consumers are easily able to identify. Graphic designers should have a broad set of skills and be able to deliver quality work on time to stay competitive within this industry. Drafting concepts for the latest product of a company or being involved in its branding are examples of a few job responsibilities. If you have the right kind of technology for sending your work through the internet, you can work remotely as a graphic designer. You will, on an average, make $43,500 in this career.

  9. Editors

    The advent of the internet revolutionized the editing industry. Now, the majority of work takes place on a computer and therefore can be accessed and managed remotely. Home-based editorial work is usually available with websites and small publications, although even very large companies might be flexible enough to allow you to work online, part-time. If your writing skills are very good and can produce your writing if it's needed, then this job is for you. The average salary of an editor is $ 51,470.

  10. General Transcriptionist

    The work of a general transcriptionist involves preparing accurate transcripts of audio/video files on topics that are of a wide range. You need to have excellent listening and typing skills, strong understanding of language, and good general awareness to do this job. The average pay of a general transcriptionist is $ 33,921.

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