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Transcription Training Related Information

Where Do I Find Transcription Work?

There are several choices when starting out in the work from home transcription business. 

  • Become an independent contractor transcriptionist for end users – businesses, research companies, etc.
  • Work for brick & mortar transcription companies
  • Work from home for online transcription companies worldwide
  • Become a virtual-transcriptionist for end users worldwide
  • Start a transcription business  

Become an Independent Contractor Transcriptionist

Many clients want to hire transcriptionists as independent contractors (IC), and pay by performance. It could be a work from home or client’s location job opportunity.

Transcriptionists will need to demonstrate their qualification and experience in order to get hired as an IC transcriptionist. A profile highlighting experience on professional networking websites like linkedin.com, in social media sites like facebook.com, and on transcription oriented websites like TranscriptionVendors.com should be done by every transcriptionist who want to work from home.

Certification from Transcription Certification Institute will help build credibility as a qualified General Transcriptionist.

Work for Brick & Mortar Transcription Companies

There are brick and mortar transcription companies looking for general transcriptionists. There are directories of transcriptionists available on the web that may help identify any transcription company in the area of transcriptionist choice. A completed profile, certification of typing speed and accuracy, and certification as a General Transcriptionist from TCI would help compete with other candidates.

A job that pays an hourly wage will be hired based on your typing speed and accuracy. Free typing practice is available at www.typingweb.com. These companies usually test for speed and accuracy before hiring.

Work for Online Transcription Companies Worldwide

A new transcriptionist may have a better shot at finding transcription work as an IC transcriptionist at online transcription companies. These are typically work-from-home jobs, where companies pay by performance. The only thing that counts here is accuracy and timely delivery.

Most successful online transcription companies are always looking for qualified transcriptionists. An online profile at websites like linkedin.com, facebook.com etc could be helpful when applying for an IC transcriptionist position at online transcription companies.

Transcriptionists will typically need to take their test and pass it in order to get work from online transcription companies.

Become a Virtual Transcriptionist for Clients Worldwide

A good portion of transcription customers prefer to work with one transcriptionist instead of dealing with a company, so that the transcriptionist gets used to their style and special requirements.

Chances of getting a Virtual Transcriptionist job will increase dramatically if a transcriptionist can also provide Virtual Assistant services to their client. 

Start Your Own Transcription Business

The following is required to start a transcription service business:

  1. Website
  2. Marketing
    1. Web marketing
    2. Local direct marketing by mail and phone
  3. Execution of work

Starting your own transcription business requires juggling several balls at a time. It requires business plan, a website, internet and offline marketing, actual execution of work, and perhaps a need to hire qualified transcriptionists depending on how much you want your business to grow.

Transcriptionists should think about starting your own business only if they plan to become a large transcription services provider. 
Contact companies that help build transcription website and market it. These companies could be found by searching for online consultants at search portals like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Make sure that the company has developed and marketed transcription websites. One company that has built several transcription websites is www.gmrwebteam.com.


Whether working from home as a general transcriptionist, or running a full-service transcription business, below are some marketing activities that will bring more customers: 

  1. Start with aggressive rates and offer 100% satisfaction or money back guarantees.
  2. Advertise transcription services on Google, Yahoo & MSN. Local level advertising can be inexpensive and could cost as little as $100 a month or even less for certain areas.
  3. List the business on search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN.
  4. List the services on craigslist.org.
  5. Create profile on social media sites like linkedin.com, ling.com, facebook.com, etc.
  6. Direct mail to the target customers.
  7. Register with freelance services like elance.com, guru.com, etc. and bid for jobs posted on those sites.
  8. Ask existing clients for referral.  

We suggest that you allocate a marketing budget when you start your transcription business, and let professionals like onlinebizhq.org handle your marketing. A professional marketing company will help you accelerate your revenue dramatically.