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Step 1

Sign up and Register: As soon as you register you can access your lessons and begin right away.


Step 2

Read, Review and Study Each Lesson. Take the quiz at the end of each lesson. You can retake the quiz at the end of the lesson if you fail it. These quizzes make you perfect and prepare you for the final test for certification.


Step 3

Take the Final Test: It consists of transcribing 7 different audio files accurately. Should you pass, you will not only be emailed a copy of your certificate of completion, but you will also receive the original via USPS.

You are now on your way to becoming a Certified Transcriptionist! You will be contacted for an internship program within a fortnight. After you complete your internship, you may be offered a job in a company or can choose to pursue an independent career.

Get a University Certification

Certification in Transcription

A lot of our students ask us, ‘Why do we need a certification in general transcription?” Here’s what we answer

  • You need to show off your expertise. Remember, Transcription Certification Institute is an institute that enjoys the trust of leading general transcription companies in the US and Canada. If your resume or business carries our certification it acquires credibility.
  • This course teaches you more than general transcription. You learn the ins and outs and requirements of the transcription industry. This helps you if you plan to start your own business.
  • This is a PLUS factor. The guaranteed internship offer of this transcription course gives you a hands on experience that you would not get otherwise. This offer by itself should make you grab the course.

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